AirVape XS Vaporizer

Below is the full transcription of my AirVape XS review video.

This one is a nice, compact portable vaporizer for dry herb. It's got a nice unique shape & design, there's not really any other vaporizers that look like this one aside from the original version, this is the second version of the vape. This one's nice and upgraded, it's got a lot of cool features. I consider this pretty much one of the best portable vaporizers under $200.

I've actually had it for over a year and I haven't made a video for it up until now because I wanted to make sure it was good. I've had a page on my site about it and a lot of people have gotten it and given good feedback. But this my original one right, and this is a brand new one so I can show you. They did make a couple of little upgrades to the outside since then but it's still the same thing performance wise, and I like it.

This one's really easy to carry around. One of the only things that was sort of a disadvantage to it as a portable was the mouthpiece, because the way the mouthpiece works with this one is it's held in with friction or force or whatever. So, this is a silicone like o-ring, right, and the way that the mouthpiece stays in the herb chamber is you push it in and then it's just it's held in, it does not come out during use.

Now one of the only downsides to this is that you can't basically put it in your pocket like this because you probably will bend the mouthpiece and it will probably come off. So they recently, finally, came out with this thing, the XS Shell. This thing is $20 extra, so the vape is $180 and this case is $20 as an add on. Get the case, it's a really cool case.

So, it's plastic but it's got a matte-like finish. I don't know how to describe it, it almost feels soft but it's durable, it doesn't scratch you know what I mean? So, that's the bottom and the top part snaps on like that. So now you can put this anywhere to store or transport - pocket, pocket book, bag, whatever. It's pretty much waterproof, water resistant, and keeps the mouth piece intact - also keeps the mouth piece clean.

Glass Mouthpiece

This is a really cool way to carry around a vape. Now the case is so fitted that sometimes you'll need to push down right here to pull it off to get it to separate, which is a good thing, you don't want it separating in your pocket.

The build quality is above average for the price. It's not plastic-y at all. The outer shell feels like a metal, does not scratch easily - feels good, looks good. The mouthpiece is glass, the oven or herb chamber is ceramic. There is this silicone, you know, o-ring or piece that holds the mouthpiece in, but the vapor does not really touch that piece at all, only a tiny bit. So, the vapor path is really ceramic, there's a stainless-steel screen up here, and then glass.

The air intake is also clean and bypasses the electronics, so it's clean air coming in. Now the oven, the way this heats is mainly conduction. There's also going to be a convection effect, it has a whole bunch of air holes in the bottom to let hot air up through your herb. The walls of the oven are also going to heat up.

So I find the performance of this one to be really nice. Hybrid vapes tend to perform well for lots of people because they're a little more versatile. The conduction effect will allow you to take a shorter draw and actually get some vapor from it. The convection effect will allow you to take nice long draws and get more flavor out of it.

For the price range it's in and for how small it is and compact, I am diggin the performance, I'm impressed with it. I kind of like it mainly for when I want a light to medium session, so I typically use this one in the mornings during the day. I'm a heavy vaper, so my light might not be the same as your light, but I find that between temperatures of 355 to 385 on this thing I get real nice flavor, real nice vapor production.

The first few draws are going to be light. For maximum performance, I would grind fine grind, or very fine, and then pack the chamber full and tight. It's a little below average in size, it's only going to hold about .2-.25g when you fill it full. So, I find that amount to be real good for a full solo session for one person.

Ceramic Herb Chamber

Now what's cool about it and what adds to the versatility of this one is that it works well with a variety of packings and a variety of grind consistency's. So, like I just mentioned, if you want the max performance from it or the biggest hit, grind real fine, pack it tight and full. You can also easily use it with a coarse to medium grind and loosely packed. I would always advise to pack it to the top but you don't always have to press it down and make it tight. You can just leave it kind of loose. You're never going to want it so loose that your herb is flopping around in the chamber, that's why I say fill it to the top.

So now when you pack it loose what you'll get is a little more of a convection effect. So your herb is going to be heated a little more with the hot air. You're going to want to take a longer draw, you know maybe six to 10 seconds if you want to get a nice pull with good vapor. It's going to typically be a little lighter than if you were to pack it tight, you know, and get more of that conduction effect that will typically give you a bigger cloud.

Now I really enjoy the vapor quality and flavor from this one. I find myself reaching for it a lot. Like I said in the mornings during the day it's a real pleasant vaping experience. You don't have to pull hard, you don't have to pull long, the draw resistance is real natural. So, it's not going to feel real tight, it's not going to feel restricted. It's also not super free-flowing so you're not going to be inhaling a ton of air. It's a nice balance. Real natural is the best way I can describe it.

Now the mouth piece part, there's something going on in here, and that's one of the reasons that the draw resistance is so natural. It's also why the vapor is so comfortable and tastes good. All right so the entire mouth piece part, it comes apart. You could just pull the glass part out like that to separate it from the silicone.

Now this glass piece is pretty much the only part on the outside that will build up residue after a bunch of sessions, so you'll want to clean it, just soak it in some ISO alcohol for a few minutes then shake it up and it comes clean.

Temperature Display

This part, the silicone part, there is actually a stainless screen in here. But not only is there a screen, there's actually a small stainless air box, and this is the little part that the vapor actually passes through before it gets to your lips. And if I open this up to show you inside here you can see the little channels where the vapor goes up and travels through this thing, comes up the other side through the top holes there and the top of the air box.

That little extra path that the vapor has to go through, versus it just coming straight up into the mouthpiece like a lot of vapes do, that cools it off. It conditions it and makes it a lot more comfortable. Now this little box is really the only, you know, problem area or area you're going to want to maintain. You're going to want to keep it clean. I have a few tips for you to do that but pretty much every dozen sessions or so, every 10 to 15 sessions, you're going to want to take it apart like I just explained and soak that stainless air box to get it clean. If you brush this part off after each use, you know, while it's still warm, that'll keep it good for a while. Also after each session while it's still warm you could take the mouthpiece out and blow into it to blow out any little bits that might be stuck in the screen. So, I found that doing that makes it last quite a while. So even though it might build up some visible residue in the mouth piece, if you keep it clean and you keep the air path unobstructed you can keep using it for a few dozen sessions.

This vape is pretty small and compact like I've said, so the battery inside is below average in size and capacity. It's a 1300mAh battery, so that means battery life is not going to be quite as high as some other ones. The amount of usage you can get from a full charge depends on what temperatures you likes you'll get about 30 to 45 minutes of actual usage before it dies. So I typically vape at kind of lower temperatures, 355-365, and I get about 45 minutes. If you vape up near 400 to get really big clouds from it you might get closer to a half an hour of usage. Now that might not seem a lot, that's below average but the battery size is below average, and when you need to charge it up it charges faster than most vapes, you can fully charge this battery with a 2A micro-USB adapter in 70 minutes.

It also does have pass-through charging so you can use it while you're charging it up, but it is going to need a little bit of a base charge first, it's going to need like you know 25 percent or a quarter of a charge if you actually want it for a whole session.

Mouthpiece Screens

Heat up time is pretty quick. It only takes 25 seconds to get up to 370 degrees which is a nice average vaping temp.

I find the efficiency and the strength of the vapor to be above average as well. So, like I mentioned before the Chamber is a little below average in size. Depending how you pack it, that .15-.25g that you fit in there, you'll get 7 to 12 nice draws from that. That's pretty efficient, you can't really ask for too much more from that amount of herb. And what I like is you feel it, it's good at extracting from your material, like it does a good job, it's a good vaporizer. You'll feel like the end results justify how much you put in.

There is no stirring required with this one, so there's going to be no reason to take off the mouthpiece during your session. It has an auto shut off timer and you can actually adjust it from one to five minutes. So, when you turn the vape on it's going to automatically start counting down. I set it for five minutes, I like a longer timer. My typical session is 10 minutes though so it'll turn off and then I turn it back on. I vape another five minutes so a typical session for me is 2 heat cycles of five minutes each.

Now one of the really cool things about this one which not a lot of vapes have in this price range is haptic feedback. It vibrates at all the right times. So, you turn it on by clicking the power button on the front three times and it'll start heating up automatically. It has up and down arrow buttons to change your temperature in one degree increments. Now when it reaches 365 it's going to vibrate and that means you can start vaping.

So now on the front of the vape, on the screen, the timer is counting down. So,, that's another cool thing you could always just see how much time is left before it's going to shut off. And then when it does automatically shut off it'll vibrate again to let you know, and that is very important because one of my pet peeves with vapes is when they automatically shut off and I don't know that they shut off, and I'm sitting there vaping from it and there's not even any heat coming through.

XS Shell

There's a good amount of vapes that work that way, that just shut off and you have to keep looking and turn them back on. You don't get to do that with this one, you don't have to pay attention to it. You turn it on and the vape will let you know if it shuts off. You just click it three times it'll turn right back on and get right back up to the temp you were just at in a few seconds.

One of the other really nice things about it, and this is something that you know, tells me that it's a good quality unit, it doesn't get really hot on the outside, even after a 10-minute session.

Definitely brush out the chamber after each use. I recommend doing it while the vape's warm if you can. Right after you're done, brush it out, they give you the right brush to do it with.

One of the easiest ways to clean a vape that has ceramic walls or ceramic herb chamber is to turn it on and turn the heat all the way to max. So on this face that's 428 when it gets to the max temperature.

Hold the vape upside down, get a Q-tip or cotton swab or whatever and soak it in water. Just plain water and then scrub while the vape's on high, scrub the inside with the wet cotton swab. Flip it over and with the other side scrub and you'll notice a bunch of stuff come out, and you'll notice that it's going to look cleaner inside. It's not going to look perfect but it's going to look cleaner and that's how you maintain it.

The warranty is also cool with this one. So, it's a lifetime warranty on all the electronics stuff that could be defective from the factory. Now the battery is internal and you can't really replace it yourself which some people would consider a disadvantage. However, it's going to last you a good while, should last well over a year before it starts degrading the charge. I've been using this one, my original one, for over a year still holds a charge for over a half hour. So, it's not bad.

If and when you want to replace it they offer a battery replacement service for 40 bucks. So I consider that to be kind of cool, it's a little extra peace of mind that if the battery should go out in the future it's not going to be a paperweight, you can get it fixed.

So definitely check it out if you like the way it looks, it works well. Definitely get the case too, don't forget about the case ;-)

Click here to buy one from the official AirVape store, they currently offer free shipping to both the US & Canada.

If you have any questions about it don't hesitate to post them on the forum here.

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