Below is the full transcription of my Ghost MV1 vaporizer review video (shown above):

This is the new MV1 vaporizer from Ghost Vapes and it's a portable unit for use with dry herb and wax/oil concentrates. At the time of this review it has the highest overall rating of all my top picks. So, let me show you why. The vape has a solid alloy body. That's the door latch (pictured) that opens the revolving door to get to the inside.

Ghost MV1 Finishes

The heat sink assembly (pictured) is where the mouthpiece is. So, if you look inside the green part is the medical grade silicone (see video). The silicone parts are actually just to keep it airtight and that's where the cool air coming in goes through, the hot air doesn't go through the silicone.

This is what the crucibles look like (pictured). This is all three parts of one. The top two parts are all you need for dry herb use. This is the ceramic crucible or herb chamber that you put your ground up herb in, and then you have your stainless-steel lid that goes on top.

Then for concentrate use they also include a mesh liquid pad, So the lid doesn't snap into place on the crucible, it's sort of just sits in place, and one of the only reasons I didn't give this vape an A+ in ease of use is because of this procedure that you're watching now (see video) to get the crucible in and out of the vape. It does require a little bit of finger dexterity.

I actually got used to it much faster than I thought. After a few tries it'll become easy to do and you'll be getting it in and out real fast. Now even though this oven might be a little trickier than some other ones there are a bunch of advantages to this style. The vape has six total heat settings programmed into it.

For my first vape session (see video) I'm on heat level three out of five. Five of them are for dry herb. I'm taking a full 15 second hit. That's the draw duration with this vape, the max amount of time you can pull for. On level three, which is a pretty average or slightly above average temp for vaping dry herb, I do get considerable visible vapor, and the vapors extremely high quality. The flavor, the taste, the smoothness - is insane.

Heat Sink

As the incoming air passes the crucible or the herb chamber it actually picks up some of the heat, so it is pre-heating the intake cold air. Then as it gets to the coil heating element it is super-heated very quickly, and then it goes through the stainless-steel plate that evenly distributes the heat through the crucible.

The vapor then goes right through the bottom of the heat sink through those intake holes at the bottom. So then as the hot vapor comes up through the heat sink it's cooling down immediately and it goes back down again, getting cooler and cooler and then it goes back up and into the glass mouthpiece which then leads out to your mouth.

In my session I have 0.12g packed into the crucible - that is pretty much the recommended maximum for max performance, so it's a small dosing vape but it is extremely good at extraction, it is super potent vapor. A 0.12g load in this crucible is equivalent to a 0.2-0.3g load in a lot of other vapes.

This picture shows fresh herb on the left - all the way on the right is after a session on level 3 - and the middle one is after a session on the highest heat level.

The second session (see video) I'm starting a fresh packing on level 4. So this is one step up in heat from level 3, roughly 20 degrees Fahrenheit higher. I get more vapor on this level and I get more vapor right from the first draw. So if you're someone who's looking for a maximum vapor just from one or two draws I would probably start on level four.

Air Path

One of the really key things with this vape is that you don't need to stir if you pack the crucible loosely to the top and you don't put in more than ~0.1g, and you use a nice coarse grind. That's what this vape likes, not too fine. If you do that you will not have to stir your herb in between draws.

Even at this heat level with this much vapor production you'll still get a half dozen draws - on level 4 you get real nice potent, powerful, smooth, flavorful draws. And remember this is from just over 0.1g in that crucible.

The MV1 got straight A+'s from me in all of the subcategories of vapor quality, so that is pretty impressive.

Now another unique thing about this vape is that it makes an audible sound while you're taking a draw like while you have the heater engaged. I've noticed that some people can hear it more than others (see video).

All right so the process is you press the heater button, you wait a few seconds for the vape to vibrate, you start taking your draw. Draw for as long as possible, 15 seconds is the max. Then the vape is going to vibrate again, and you're done.

Ghost Vapes Comparison

When using it with concentrates, it comes with this liquid pad (pictured) and this you're going to put inside the crucible. This thing is what you're going to put your wax on. So I'm using like a BB-sized amount. This is how much I recommend you try, or pretty much the max you put in at once.

So you're going to press it into the top of the pad to keep it in place then you'll put the crucible back in as you normally would. Now you're going to change the heat level to six which is three red lights. Now this heat level is programmed differently than all of the dry herb settings, so don't try using dry herb on level 6. What's going to happen with this one is the first draw is designed to just melt your concentrate into the pad, that's why I didn't get any vapor.

MV1 Crucible

Then starting from the second real draw, that's when you start getting nice vapor production. The vapor quality is really, really nice. Convection vaping concentrates, or you know vaping concentrates off a liquid pad, is kind of cool. It's pretty unique, it's different than using a wax pen or anything like that or dabbing. It has a unique flavor and unique feeling, it's very cool.

And this vape does a great job, I'm going to get upwards of 10 draws in this session (see video) from that maybe 0.1g of concentrate I put in.

This is what the crucibles look like after extensive use (see video). These are the two I've been using through all of my testing, so they don't even get stained that much. Now one of the coolest things about this vape that makes it stand out, and one of my favorite things about it, is that it has insanely low draw resistance.

The airflow is actually adjustable by how much you pull out the glass mouthpiece stem, and it lets you take very large draws with minimal effort.

The battery pack is removable and it is a high capacity pack. It has two large battery cells inside and a power management chip.

Ghost Heating Element

My Quickstart Guide of how to use the vape is you press the main power button for two seconds and it shows you the battery life - one, two or three bars. Now click it three times and it goes into standby mode or vape mode. Hold it down again for two seconds, it shows the battery life, then release and hold down again. That's how you get to the heat level control mode. To that back button there where your thumb goes (pictured), that is the heater button. That's what engages the heating element.

Keeping it clean is easy peasy. It's a simple process that just involves removing all of the components which again is easy, and then soaking them in isopropyl alcohol. So all of the parts can easily be disassembled. You don't have to clean or soak that top piece of the heat sink or the silicone piece, neither of those touch the vapor so there's nothing on them and no residue.

Now the other stuff you could just gently agitate in ISO. So if you do this after a session while the parts are still warm it will get clean real quick, all the parts will come out looking real good. The inner ceramic insert where you saw a bunch of residue before, that's where there will be a little bit of a discoloration at the bottom but that's really it.

Vapor Production

These are all the components lined up (pictured). It's actually a lot easier to get together than it looks. It is directional so you just have to make sure you put the top piece in the right. Now to get it back into the vape just line it up and carefully push it down and the silicone grips it and holds it into place.

The battery has a micro-USB port in the back for charging but it does take quite a while with this high capacity battery to charge it via USB, so they do have this fast charger (pictured) where you can take the battery pack off, put it in the fast charger and a completely dead battery gets fully charged in two and a half hours.

The MV1 comes in a few different finishes. This is the black chrome on the left and the satin silver on the right (pictured). They both look really good, they don't really show fingerprints, it's really nice. This is the rose gold on the left here (pictured).

Ghost MV1 Vaporizer

They are also making a crucible holder (see video) in the very near future. and this thing's going to be great to take some crucibles out with you. There is also a smartphone app and this app will let you unlock the custom heat settings and set them to whatever you want.

In summary, the MV1 from Ghost Vapes is quite an impressive vaporizer. There's a lot of things about it that are way above-average, next level type stuff, like the vapor quality, the smoothness, the low draw resistance… It's the perfect vape for taking a few draws at a time - this is the one.

Click here to buy one from the official Ghost Vapes store, and check out the MV1 forum thread here for my complete rating breakdown.

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