Uncle Junks Genius Juice – E Liquid By Uncle Junks – Uncle Junks E Juice

Uncle Junks Genius Juice - E Liquid By Uncle Junks - Uncle Junks E Juice

Uncle Junks Genius Juice is one of the most premium eliquids on the market. Uncle Junks offers unique flavors unparalleled by other eliquid manufacturers. The simple mixture that Uncle Junks uses will satisfy any vapor enthusiast. The quality mixture is manufactured in a sanitary environment that uses a 70VG/30PG which retains a savory taste and excellent vapor production. Uncle Junks Genius Juice isn't just a fly by night E Liquid company that drops a new flavor every week. Each one of their flavors was crafted with great care. They manufacture only eight flavors and they are all absolutely amazing. The eight flavors: Bettie White, Monica's Eyes, Savannah, Honey Do, Belgianberry, Grapeful Grace, Hard Lemonade, and Jon Wayne are all quickly becoming household names in vapor circles. All flavors come in 15ml bottles with a variety of different nicotine variations (0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg). The flavorful E Liquid will produce some of the largest clouds you have ever puffed. The quality of this manufacturer doesn't stop at flavor and vapor production. Each flavor that they manufacture is bottled in glass as opposed to plastic. This allows the E Liquid finer fermentation and preservation. The packaging also comes with a needle drip tip (unique to Uncle Junks) that allows for easy refilling of your tank or atomizer! Uncle Junks Genius Juice has everything perfected from their E Liquid to their packaging. Ever since we introduced Uncle Junks Genius Juice to Vape Life it immediately became a best seller. Everyone who tries one flavor is always curios to try the rest. Purchase a bottle of Uncle Junks Genius Juice and see why it is becoming a household item in all vapor circles across the country.

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